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UBEA1013 Economics:
This subject provides students with basic knowledge of key concepts in economics and their relevance to decision making process involving scarce resources.

UBEA2043 Economic Development
This subject provides understanding of the concepts, strategies and policies of economic development, which includes the growth, equality, poverty and trade fairness.

UBEA2053 Malaysian Economy
This subject covers the development of Malaysian economy, including historical progress and debates on current economic issues.

Course of study

Bachelor of International Business (Hons).


The course aims to enable students to understand the evolution of world trade theory, to understand the tariff and non-tariff barriers and international trade policy, to understand the relationship of trade and economic growth as well as to understand the economic integration at regional and global level.


Mid-term examination (20%)
Assignment/research paper (20%)
Final examination (60%)


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Krugman, P. R. & Obstfeld, M. (2006). International economics: theory and policy. (7th ed.). New York: Addison Wesley.

Various articles from journals, magazines and online materials.

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