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UBEA1013 Economics:
This subject provides students with basic knowledge of key concepts in economics and their relevance to decision making process involving scarce resources.

UKEA2013 Microeconomics II
The course discusses different factor market structures, and takes a more normative approach to describing the goal of economic efficiency, showing when markets generate efficient outcomes, and explaining when they fail and thus require government intervention.

Course of study

Bachelor of Economics (Hons) Global Economics.


This subject provides understanding of the concepts, strategies and policies of economic development, which includes the growth, equality, poverty and trade fairness.


Mid-term examination (20%)
Assignment/research paper (20%)
Final examination (60%)


Har, W. M., Tan, A. L. & Lim, C. H. 2008. Development economics: Theories and issues. Kuala Lumpur: Pustaka Prinsip.

Todaro, M.P., and Stephen C. S. (2009), Economic Development, 9th ed., London: Addison-Wesley.

Various issues of journals, reports and newspaper articles such as World Development Report & Human Development Report.

Materials from various forums, conferences & seminars.

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